Basement Renovation - Phase One: Demolition

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Phase One: Basement Renovation

basement renovation demolition

Hey, friends! 


Popping in to give an update on where we're at in the basement renovation. Since this project is going to have many parts, we figured it'd be easier to break it down by phases. 


We're going to include in all of our DIY posts all the details and steps you need to take to do the same. 



  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Shop-Vac
  • Broom & Shovel
  • Construction Garbage Bags
  • Masks 
  • Safety Goggles
  • Tyvek Suit (if removing insulation)
  • Ladder
  • Additional Lighting (if needed).




We started this project by determining what walls we were going to keep and which were going to be knocked down. We also realized that a lot of the walls were put up, were temporary, and were added after the fact. 

After determining that, we also made the decision to pull out the drop ceiling which made the low ceiling walls feel much lower. 

Here's one of the walls we removed. It was made the basement feel closed off and blocked any light from reaching the other side of the space.

basement renovation

This room was built as separation and maybe a closet from the other side of the basement.

basement renovation

Here's the main wall that separated the basement in half.

basement renovation

Little did we know that this "drywalled" section was filled with packing peanuts. It covered most of the basement when we took it down.

basement renovation


After we cleaned up all the packing peanuts we started to take down the wood paneling that was everywhere. We were thankful to find that the walls could hold new drywall or an updated style of baseboard if we wanted.

before basement

Here's what we found behind the wood paneling. It's packing insulation, but quite frankly, it's pretty secure there. So we plan to leave it. As you can see in the image all the drop ceiling tiles have also been removed.





After clearing out all the paneling, ceiling tiles, and packing peanuts, John tackled the ceilings. We decided to make the space feel bigger and taller, we would remove the tiles and paint the beams instead.

So John suited up with Tyvek suit, goggles, gloves, and mask to remove all the insulation in the ceilings. 

Once the insulation was removed we worked to make sure there was no dust, dirt, or leftover insulation paper still stapled. 

We also decided to make the space more usable we would add a ton of LED pot lights. John created a template and cut the wood to sit in the ceiling beams and hold the light. After going through the whole basement making sure we had lighting everywhere we needed it, one of our friends, who is an electrician, did all the wiring with John. 


basement renovation

Take a peek at those empty ceilings! 



Looking Ahead

In the next phase, we'll give the details on painting the ceilings!

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