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Hey, friends! Katherine here.

Welcome to our corner of the internet! 

The Fennimore Farmhouse page was developed, like for most people, as a way to pivot and continue to evolve during the COVID-19 crisis.



As a business owner in the wedding industry, my company and I have been greatly affected by the current situation. But in true entrepreneurial spirit, I felt like this could be a time to pivot and offer something new. Designing a home and designing a wedding our fairly synonymous. The rules and principles of design are the same and the transition between the two is one of my favorite things to jump back and forth between.


Not to mention, John and I have been in the middle of a home renovation project, so what better time than now, to deep dive and share that content! John is so incredibly talented and handy. He has truly transformed and meticulously executed every aspect of this renovation and it's been a joy to add my design input into things.


Anyway, before I digress too much, this online shopping site came about when I was asked by one of our suppliers if we'd be interested in offering some of their home decor to our clients. So we've curated some of our favorite things that would work in a variety of home styles that enjoy a touch of rustic-farmhouse flair. We picked pieces that were more affordable so that they'd be accessible to all of us who would normally be hunting for a deal at Home Goods or Hobby Lobby.


If we see that you all love what we're picking, we'll continue to add more items! This can be just the beginning!


If you're looking for something particular, we'd love to source it for you! Being safe at home doesn't mean you can't enjoy beautiful decor, a fun DIY, or a full out renovation with your extra time! 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for coming along on our journey. We're so happy you're here.

-The Fennimore's

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